Dreamcatcher Captures Beautiful Dreams

The dream catcher originated in the 18th century. Indians used it to capture beautiful dreams, let the nightmare disappear with the morning sun. They believe that the air in the night is full of dreams. Only Dreamcatcher can filter dreams. Bring them into a beautiful dreamland. The traditional dream catcher is to make a circle with branches, wrap it around the circle with leather, and then use a tendon line to wrap a net around the circle. Occasionally, some colored beads are worn on the tendon line, and one end of the circle is hung with some feathers. There is a round hole in the middle of the net. It is said that only a good dream can pass through the hole and flow down the feathers, and the nightmare will be trapped in the net, and disappear with the next day’s sunshine, disappearing without a trace… …

Along with the ancient Indian culture, Dream Catcher also has its own legend. Although different tribes have different legends, they all share the same symbol – retaining good dreams and blessings. Once upon a time, there was a young girl who had a dream. The spider in the dream taught her how to weave the net and told her that the net can make people capture good dreams, strengthen communication between people and the spiritual world, wake up girls, and revel in dreams. The dream net was compiled and hung in front of the bed. The next morning, she woke up and found beautiful beads hanging on the net. When she touched the beads, the gods spoke to her: “Beads are the power and wisdom captured by Dream Catcher when you are asleep. The nightmare has been caught by the net and disappeared with the sun. Now bring it to you. Let’s go.” So, Dream Catcher has been passed down like this.

The shape of the dream catcher is very large. There is no fixed shape. We can use the lines instead of the rope to “weave” on the paper. In fact, it is the decoration of the dotted line. In addition, Dreamcatcher can also decorate many materials, such as beautiful beads, buttons, etc. We can also use the materials around us to decorate the screen to make the work more rich and flexible.

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