Small And Refined Bedroom

The functions of the bedroom generally include: rest and storage, and some may also join the desk. A few square meters of small bedroom, limited space, want to function properly arranged, warm and cozy rather than simple stacking, which requires some thoughts and ideas. I believe that everyone’s room type, personal needs and preferences are different. I usually collect some information for small-sized bedrooms. Every picture has its merits. I hope to help everyone.

Probably divided into 6 categories:

1. Design similar to tatami

It is not a common full-floor tatami, and half of the floor cabinets enhance the storage space and also ensure a part of the indoor height and indoor activity space.

2. combined with the study

3. Semi-open space enclosed by curtains

Common in the design of a single apartment, also called a zero room.

Blocking with the shelf is also a good choice.

4. the limit space (minimum side ≥ 2m)

The layout is similar to the first one, except that the floor cabinet is replaced with a more flexible bed.

5. deformation furniture

This kind of uncommon, only provides a way of thinking, design and use are more troublesome.

Sofa and bed

6. Loft

7. other

Recently, forklift frames have become popular in China, especially the status quo that intellectuals can only rent and live in, and various types of creativity are emerging one after another.

If the bedroom is small and you can’t find a place to close the wardrobe, you can consider the door and wall as a whole cabinet. In fact, this kind of thinking is a bit like a boarding school dormitory, but it can also be closed.

It can also be used as a mini workbench or dressing table in combination with the wardrobe.

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