DIY Wall Decorations, Which One Do You Like?

DIY decorations are a simple and inexpensive way to bring power to your house while demonstrating your creative skills.

1, simple and stylish DIY art wall: DIY your personality into your space, the perfect simple way is to hand-made art wall.

2, frame watercolor words: the integration of your favorite slang or statement into your home decoration, is a beautiful way to personalize your space.

3, DIY yarn wall hanging: use your favorite yarn color to make the simplest and coolest DIY wall hanging

4, DIY hexagonal shelf: put your favorite souvenirs, plants, or photo frames and other small ornaments on this lovely shelf

5, DIY Art Museum: The current popular gallery walls make your room full of art.

6, geometric heart art: use a popsicle to make a cheap and lovely Valentine’s Day decorations to express an artistic commitment

7, DIY Golden Tropical Leaf Art Print: Use gold foil to set the frame for printing works

8, large and rough painting: DIY painting is to add color and charm to your space.

9, art rope logo: customize your own country logo

10, paper green plant art: use paper green plants to create elegant wall hanging artwork

11, three-dimensional art wall jewelry: the use of waste items such as baskets, old jewelry, cloth plates, etc. to create three-dimensional art

12, waste decorations: toilet paper rolls made into charming wall decorations

13, DIY Line Jewelry: Install DIY wire words or letters to create a seamless and modern look on your wall.

14, color collage: give your life to color

15, rainbow mirror crafts: use your favorite color adhesive to create special effects

16, spray wall jewelry: artists who do not paint, this is the perfect DIY “painting” wall jewelry

17, embroidery ring string art: can not make embroidery works without embroidery

18, art painting: a simple wall art painting that does not require painting.

18 kinds of artistic DIY wall decorations, which one do you like?

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