Decorate With Only A Few Branches

Nature is the most fashionable and wet design, such as a tree, arms, waist, ears, eyebrows, back, hair, feet, fingers can make the most beautiful home, even the shape The dead branches can also be used to decorate the house. The wood you lost has become my home creative and natural, and has become the main direction of modern home decoration. The product that retains the original shape of the trunk and branches has become the crowning touch. Wood decorating home is a wonderful idea because it not only has the beauty of nature, but also is environmentally friendly. Collect driftwood from coastal or floodplains, and recycle old wood to create stunningly designed and creatively decorated homes.

When the branches are decorated, they are popular with the picture frame to decorate the wall. If you don’t want to decorate the branches with your own photos, it is better to fold the branches into small pieces and embed them in the picture frame as shown in the figure. You can arrange them as you like. In short, how do you look good? . When they are on the wall, there is a forest at home. Whether it’s a plain square or a gorgeous oil painting frame, the branches can be easily controlled.

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