How To Raise Cactus

Most of the cactus plants originate in the desert, a place where there is little rain and no grass. Those that can survive are extremely drought-tolerant plants. Unlike other fleshy, the cactus family enters a period of vigorous growth in the summer.

Growing environment
Cactus culture enjoys intense light, heat, drought, infertility, strong vitality and extensive management. It is suitable for cultivation on the family balcony. The temperature of cactus growth is 20 ~ 30 ° C, the temperature difference between day and night in the growth period, preferably 30 ~ 40 ° C during the day, 15 ~ 25 ° C during the night.

temperature control
Cactus is like high temperature and dry environment. It should be kept above 20 °C during the daytime in winter and 10 °C at night. Too low a temperature can easily cause root rot.

Lighting requirements
Cactus requires plenty of sunshine, but it can’t be exposed to light during the summer and needs to be properly shaded. Indoor cultivation, can be illuminated by light to make it grow stronger.

In spring and autumn, watering must be mastered without the principle of being poured or not. From June to August, it is a period of vigorous growth. Generally, water is poured once every morning, and the water is replenished in the evening. In case of special heat and strong wind, it can be poured twice a day + to grow the plant. If you want to have more children, you should water more. If you want to make flowers and control the plants, you should drink less water.

Turn over
During the growth of the cactus, the pots are turned over once every 1 to 2 years. We need to remove the aged roots, blow them dry, and replace them with fresh ones.

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