35 Best cat tattoo designs for men and women

The magic and mystery of cat tattoos can`t be ignored in the modern world. Why? Because the tattoo industry is only going up. A lot of people get their favorite pets inked into their skin without understanding the meaning that cats carry through the years and what message they are putting on themselves for the whole life. We recommend you get to know more about the cat tattoos with our help before choosing your own one. We have prepared not only the cat tattoos background but also some ideas that may inspire you even more. Enjoy.

A cat isn’t just a pet. Since ancient times it has been a symbol of grace and poise. In ancient Egypt, they had cat goddesses and even mummified some of them just like humans. Egyptians held felines in the highest esteem, and killing one, even by accident, often resulted in death penalties.To honor our feline friends, we made a list of the best cat tattoo ideas ever.

35 Best cat tattoo designs for men and women cat tattoo,tattoo design,tattoo ideas.

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