37 Beautiful and Delicious Wedding Cake For A Happy Marriage

Wedding cake, according to legend, first appeared in ancient Rome. The word cake comes from English and its original meaning is flat bread. Meanwhile, it also means “happy and happy”. In ancient times, when wealthy children held wedding ceremonies, they made a special cake, not only for the bride and groom to eat together at the wedding banquet, but also for the guests who came to congratulate them. The guests invited to the wedding in Europe also have the habit of stacking their spicy bread on the table and letting the bride and groom kiss on both sides of the “bread mountain”. At this time, Bread Mountain also symbolizes happiness.

More and more brides like to customize cakes and are very particular about them. Modern wedding cakes are not limited to traditional styles, there are many choices. Multi-layer cake gives a more luxurious feeling than single-layer cake. Even without a rostrum, a cake as big as this can be seen by every guest in a large venue, leaving a deep impression on the guests. Wedding cake decoration is also very exquisite, such as the cake covered with chocolate coat, with some rubber adhesives or spice additives, flowers, etc., often need to be handmade. The best way to influence the style of a cake is to adorn it with flowers, which can change the mood of the cake and give it a new flavor. So if you are interested, pleased read on.

37 Beautiful and Delicious Wedding Cake For A Happy Marriage wedding, wedding cake, wedding decor

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